Driver Bit Set
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  • Ideally equipped to handle virtually and task:
  • Versatile DIY enthusiast set for drilling in wood, mansonry and metal, comes with 13 screwdriver bits, 3 nutsetters and 1 universal magnetic holder
  • 18 durable drill bits for application in wood, masonry and metal. Wood diameter 3-8mm, Masonry diameter 4-8mm and metal diameter 2-5mm.
  • 10 screwdriver bits for use with the most commonly used screws with Philips, Pozidriv, Tors and logitudinal slot heads.
  • 3 nutsetters for use with hexagon-head screws.

Size Includes PLUS (PH) : #1,2,3

SLOT (SL) : 4,5,6 MM

HEXAGON : 3,4,5,6 MM

Stainless Magnetic Bit Holder : 6.35 mm x 13 mm

Weight : 0.3 kg