Measurements Tool
Measurements Tool
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Suitable for

  • Aluminium
  • Woodworking
  • Tile
  • Plaster
  • Furniture Industy.


  • RADAR TECHNOLOGY: The stud finder uses Bosch-patented radar technology to detect all object types, including live and non-live cables, water-filled plastic pipes, and magnetic and non-magnetic metal
  • SPOT VIEW: Delivers immediate results even when there is little or no space to move the wire detector to scan the wall
  • THREE DETECTION SETTINGS: Choose from one of three detection settings depending on wall type—Drywall, Concrete, or Universal mode if the material is unknown
  • DUAL POWER SOURCE: For added flexibility, the endoscope can be used with either a 12 V Li-ion battery or standard AA batteries using the battery adapter
  • Direct digital transfer of measuring results.
  • Fast and efficient data transfer via Bluetooth and micro USB.
  • Simple exchange and smart documentation of measured values thanks to GLM measure&document app. a) Supported Android devices: Smartphones and Tablets with Android 4.0 or higherb) Supported iOS devices: iPhone 4S or higher, iPad (3rd Gen. or higher), iPad Air (1st Gen. or higher), iPad mini (1st Gen. or higher)
  • Use the GLM floor plan app to create digital floor plans, import and edit existing floor plans, and export the result.
  • Additional functionality due to integrated 360° incline sensor. 
  • Automatic storage of the last 50 measured values and one constant. 
  • Precise and easy to operate due to illuminated display which flips automatically depending on the orientation of the instrument. 

Features: GLM 80 Professional

  • Automatic storage of the last 20 measured values and one constant
  • Can be recharged via standard micro USB port
  • Timer function can be switched on/off – for precise measurement from difficult positions
  • Battery can be charged via a standard micro USB socket
  • Small and handy
  • Reliable assistant on any construction site due to robust design


  • High quality
  • Most objects are found and application errors are avoided due to the automatic calibration
  • Detection of even deep-lying objects – up to a depth of 12 cm
  • Even more reliable detection of objects due to three-colour LED luminous ring
  • Pinpoint indication of the object’s centre with the Centre Finder scale, and display of material properties
  • Better visibility of the result due to illuminated display
  • Marking hole with LED luminous ring
  • Three detection modes for various applications: Drywall mode, metal mode, live cable mode

Passed CE FCC roHS and other export certifications
✅1(one) year warranty
✅Just 1 second will show the temperature
✅Non-contact temperature measurement
✅Object Measurement
✅Switch Celcius & Fahrenheit
✅Two colours backlight reminder
✅Fever alarm / Buzzer reminder
✅32 Storage temperature records
✅15 second Auto Power Shut Off


Technical parameters: 

Product code: TMT311501 

Manufacturer: Total

The product is often used to measure in mechanics

Measuring range: 0-150mm 

High quality carbon steel material does not wear and rust over time 

Packed with plastic box


  • 40 meter
  • High-speed speed data display
  • Accuracy error is less than 1.5mm
  • 8 meassurement modes
  • The whole machine is dustproof, waterproof and drop-proof
  • Long life
  • Increase the meter flat measurement unit
  • HD Display Screen
  • Dust-proof, waterproof and drop-proof
  • 3-step measurement standard
  • 20 sets of data storage