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RilTech IS168 use Advanced IGBT technique and fast recovery diodes as main electric components.

It is supplemented by a specially developed main PCB board. In addition, the uniform regulation of welding current has been designed to guarantee the arc reaches good welding process adaptability.

What’s more, its perfect dynamic protection features ensure that it is safe and reliable when use.

It is ideal for using low carbon steel, stainless steel with all kinds of welding rod.

Convenient quick connection for the output makes it quick, safe, simple and stable.

  • Use 100KHz inverter COOL-MOSFET technology
  • With plastic corner,sloping front panel
  • Adopt new techniques that maxmizing thermal dissipation with 4 separated heat sinks
  • Greatly improved the welding performance and stability,easy striking under low voltage
  • intelligent protection,over-voltage,over-loading and over-heating
  • Auto-adaptive arc force and hot start current
  • Anti-stick function built-in
  • Energy-efficient,power factor more than 0.7,efficiency more than 85%
  • Generator set okay
  • Non-stop welding for 2.5mm and 4.0mm diameter electrode


  • New technology to maximizing thermal dissipation with 4 separated heat sinks.
  • VRD adjustable.
  • Arc force adjustable.
  • Self-adaptive Hot start built-in, anti-sticking
  • Recommend for 4.0mm and 5.0mm electrode
  • Suitable for acid electrode, basic electrode and cellulosic electrode.


  • Heavy duty, non-stop working under 40 degree condition.
  • VRD function
  • Arc force adjustable.
  • Hot start adjustable.
  • Recommend for 5.0mm electrode.
  • Digital meter to preset and display welding current. 
  • Wide range for input voltage :380V+_15%
  • IGBT technology. 
  • Core adopts advansed IGBT inverter device. 
  • Energy saving