Gasless Mig
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  • Advanced IGBT inverter technology.
  • Available to 1kg flux-cored self-shield wire, actually welding without gas.
  • Synergy, greatly reduce difficult to adjustment, especially for new hand.
  • Stable welding performance on small current around 40A, which enhance the capacity to weld thinner metal.
  • Lower spatter than that of general fluc-cored welding machine.
  • Wire inching function act as you press the trigger about 3s under no load.
  • Fan as needed, reduce noise and dust inside the machine.
  • Intelligent protection: over-current, over-voltage, over heating protection.



Control panel                                                                  Simple and easy to operate, one rotary knob for welding current pre-set. Customers can easily remark the welding current, according to the display panel printing.